The Lake District is such an amazing place to visit.  Whether it is for pleasure or work, there is so much to see and do there.  I have been going every year now for the last 10 years and I still have much to do and see.  There are so many iconic places to photograph, it truly is a photographers paradise.  My passion for photography, to improve my skills and to capture that “one shot” is what keeps me personally going back year after year.

One of my most popular categories on the site is the Lake District category.  For that reason I thought that I would compile my top 5 captures to date.  As my skills and equipment improve I’m sure I will have to update the list at some point but until then here are my current Top 5 Lake District Canvas Prints.

1 – Buttermere Trees

I absolutely love this image.  Someone once asked me if it was the Northern Lights that caused the sky to look that way.  It looks like that because of the Lee Filters that helped me to blur the sky, together with the fact that I am a bit colour blind.  So when post processing the image I sometimes struggle with the colour sliders.  This sometimes makes for some cracking wall art.

2 – Buttermere

Lovely Black and White image of Buttermere.  I think you can guess that I like Buttermere.  It has to be one of the best drives in the UK in that area.  Not far from the A66 main busy road through the North Lakes but you could be a million miles away with scenery like this.

3 – Derwentwater Boats

This is a classic Lake District image that has been captured many times before due to its close proximity to the side of the lake at Derwent Water. The original capture of this image was a bit dull and uninspiring, but with a couple of hours work in lightroom it was brought to life.  We also sell another version of this image here.  There is also an image called “Derwent Water Landing” that is lovely and has the wonderful Cat Bells in the background.

4 – Ullswater Boathouse

I think this has a very neutral feel to it compared with the last image.  Another very well know landmark found on lake Ullswater.  I believe you can actually rent the boat house as a holiday home, might have to try it one day.

5 – Haweswater Lake

I think that Haweswater is one of the Lake Districts more hidden gems due to its location been much harder to get to than the rest of the Lakes.  On this occasion we went off to see the Golden Eagle and took in some photography at the same time.  It was a cracking day, but sadly this occasion came before I had any lee filters, so just a nice pleasant Lake District scene without to much manipulation.

So there we have my current Top 5 Lake District canvas prints on sale from Captured Canvas.  Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you can think of some other locations that should be on there.  What is your favourite location in the Lakes?  If you have anything to say then please leave a comment and get involved below.